Full Spectrum CBD Extracts And Concentrates

100% Organic A-Grade Hemp CBD Tested For The Highest Purity & Potency

Elixinol South Africa is at the forefront of the CBD industry and has pioneered the legal battle with the TNHA to create a legal framework for CBD in South Africa.

All Elixinol products are fully legal and adhere to the regulatory framework set by SAPHRA. Elixinol SA is working with SAPHRA via the TNHA help them create a working regulatory system for Hemp Based CBD and all Hemp products. This to protect the South Africa customer from unscrupulous sellers that do not have the customers interests at heart and ensure that CBD remains legal and available to all South Africans.

Elixinol has pioneered CBD extracts on the global market for a number of years and is seen as the gold standard in CBD extractions globally.
All Elixinol products are C02 super critical extracted creating the purest method of extraction to alleviate any fears of contaminants in the final product.

All Elixinol products are Full Spectrum and importantly delivery the entourage effect that is highly sought after as it by far more effective.

Some say up to 30 times more effective then CBD (isolate ) on its own, as the extract contains many other cannabinoids besides CBD.

There are actually 144 different Cannabinoids within the hemp plant plus a wide variety of terpenes flavonoids and other compounds all of which is contained in an Elixinol Hemp extraction.

Elixinol cultivates it own plants and harvests from plant to customer and has full control over the entire production process.