Don’t take our word for it!

Elixinol makes NO medical Claims to Cure or prevent any disease.

Emilene was diagnosed with Leukemia, went through Chemo and nothing worked she was given 3 weeks left to live, watch her amazing story.

Joe was hit by a car and left for dead, she suffered in pain for years, watch her story

to reiterate: Elixinol makes no Medical claims

Meet Janet:

Hi Elixinol here is my testimony.

I had third stage melanoma and my prognosis was bad I was told by the oncologist to visit my children and grandchildren as I did not have much time left. My friend put me onto Elixinol about five years ago. I take five drops of the Liposomal in water in the morning and five drops in the evening.

I think I owe my life to Elixinol.

Janet Johnson 🙏

Meet Pantelis:

Thanks to Elixinol I am no longer taking chronic medication for my blood pressure. For almost seven years I have been on chronic meds for high blood pressure. Last year durring the uncertainty of covid I was put onto a higher dose. I was not comfortable with this and took time to figure out what would be needed to break this trend.

I learnt about the canabanoid system and the benefit of CBD to regulate my immune, bone marrow and nervous system and decided to use Elixinol Liposomal as a daily suppliment, to support a lifestyle change.  Each time I take my CBD I remind myself what the objective is, over and above the internal benefits, to be healthier overall and improve my metal and physical wellbeing. Elixinol is my trigger to encourage habits that would lead towards better health overall. I added consistently exercise, appropriate daily water intake, reduced sugar, caffeine and alcohol and practiced mindfulness to manage my stress.

Just over a year later and I’m officially off my chronic meds.

Thank you for a great supplement. I’m a customer for life.

Meet Lunada:
I am a suffer from back pain and joint pain that effected my mobility with the added bonus that this pain has effected my sleep detrementally. I bought the 450Capsules at the begining of October and already I am experiancing a MASSIVE amount of relief from all my Pain.
My mobility has improved loads and I am now sleeping like a baby at night to top things off. Thank you for this outstanding high quality product it has made a MASSIVE differance to my life within such a short space of time.
Lunada Lourens Bloenfontein
Meet Anthea:
“I suffer from Acute anxiety, depression and sleeplessness. I have tried all kinds of solutions including 5 diffrent CBD oils with my latest one being a 3000mg CBD oil and it did NOT work, so I trurned to Elixinol in the hope that there was something that they can give me advice on.
The answers were revealing.
Firstly the prior products I was using were all Isolate CBD including this new 3000mg prodcut I was using. I found out it is up to 30 times weaker than a Full Spectrum CBD so bascicall I was using rubish (equivielnt to 100mg Full Spectrum).
I then as directed by Elixinol team bought the Orange Liposomal product from Elixinol. I started using 5 pumps in the morning and eveing after dinner and to my amazement FINALLY something is working and I am feeling much better. I also have a week heart functiopn that was 17% of normal this is now increasing and im now at 33% of normal.
Thank you Elixinol I can now cope. I was really at my wits end.” – Anthea Petzer
Elixinol makes no medical claims to treat or cure any disease, and state: when properly activated, the Endocannabinoid System can help restore your body back into Homeostasis
Meet Mark: Burn victim
Being man alone while my fiancé was in hospital I was multi tasking and trying to cook and leave kitchen to hang laundry all at same time! This is where it went wrong, leaving a pan to heat up and forget it…..
it caught fire and then I managed to do everything wrong in a moment of panic leaving me with sever burns to my right hand.
The elixinol hemp balm has proved incredibly soothing and making for brilliant repair and recovery to damaged skin. I am just short of 4 weeks since burn now and the healing is awesome.
Meet Gareth Knot  Elixinol Team SA

I’ve always had an issue with sleep, either I’m tossing and turning, unable to settle my mind or waking a number of times at night.
As an endurance athlete consistently training for success and a dad who is trying hard to keep up the energy of a sporty 8 year old daughter, it’s not easy without good rest.

I’m 2 months into using the Elixinol CBD Liposome and I’m sleeping deeper than I’ve ever experienced in my life. This has been a massive difference to my life in performance and energy. I’m able to be out there training intensely to achieve my personal athletic goals, and be able to still give energy to my daughter to make a sporting difference in her life from young. I’m also a sports head at a school, and my sports learners are reaping the benefits of a more energised and passionate coach Knott. The positives are all round with better, deeper sleep.

Together with lack of sleep was my difficulty of fighting body fatigue due to the demands of a physical job which involves standing out in the harsh weather conditions daily, then having to go train after with heavy legs.
I’ve seen gradual improvement from week to week from the 2nd month in using the CBD Liposome, as well as rubbing my tired muscles with the Elixinol Hemp Balm. The Hemp Balm has a great cooling effect that immediately relaxes the muscle and has great benefits of repair I’ve found. I like to use it by massaging it into my legs after tough workouts. I also make use of it at my physio at “Dial a Physio Blouberg” as it’s a trusted product and a part of my training recovery plan now.

All in all, Elixinol is a company and product that I can honestly say I pride myself on for the benefits I’ve seen and for the great team I’m privileged to be a part of.

Gareth Knot

Meet Herman de Vries Elixinol Team SA
“As a 49 year old male who exercises daily, and more than often twice daily, my body has been under a lot of pressure.
I grew accustomed to muscle stiffness and sore joints.
Since using the Elixinol Liposomes my muscle recovery has increased dramatically.
I used to have stiff muscles for roughly 2 days after a hard 20km run, but recently have completed a great number of high intensity runs without muscular pain afterwards.
This is something new to me.
The few times that I did experience muscular pain I also used the Elixinol Hemp Balm and rubbed it into the affected areas.
On both these occasions I experienced quicker recovery than from the normal anti inflamitory products that I used before.
As a sceptical person, who have in the past not made use of many supplements, I can honestly say that these products have helped me with better recovery during training.”
Kind regards