CBD for Sleep

If you’re struggling with sleep quality, we recommend supplementing with Full Spectrum CBD to support your sleep cycle and ensure more hours spent well-rested. Sleep-deprived South Africans can end up costing our economy billions – according to an excerpt from a 2019 fin24 article – a lack of sleep can be linked to the 15 leading causes of death. The medical cost of disease related to a lack of sleep can be quantified at around R22bn annually, according to Charles King – an MBA student at the time at Stellenbosch University.

A better for you supplement: CBD for sleep

Over the counter sleep medication is full of chemicals and known to be easy to get addicted to.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant – known for its “healing” properties. Studies show that CBD can help you both fall asleep and stay asleep – allowing your brain to recover and your body to rejuvenate with some good hours of sleep. But CBD itself won’t make you drowsy if you supplement during the day – it’s simply doing its job and getting to insomnia from the inside out. Everyone is different – with different reasons for not being able to fall asleep – for some, it’s pain, for others, it’s anxiety. CBD helps to solve these symptoms, therefore making it easier to fall asleep again.

For a good night’s rest we recommend Elixinol Dreams CBD Capsules – if you’d like to chat to our team of CBD experts to learn more about how CBD can help you – please be sure to reach out to us via email or on social media.