Spectacular Annelise! Comrades results



Spectacular Annelise!

Comrades Silver medal Congratualtions!

Report back from Annalise post race June 20th 2023

Being a trail runner who decided to focus on road for a few months I was very much out of my comfort zone from the start of this adventure.

Having been in a rut on the trails and struggling with nutrition for years, asthma and small niggles I had to change direction and take a break – even if it was only for 8 months and on the road.  The Comrades dream was born and the training started.

Since I have started using Elixonol Liposomes earlier this year I have found the following:

  • No stomach upsets or vomiting – I run with 3 drops in my soft flasks
  • No muscle cramping
  • Faster recovery
  • No chest tightness or asthma attacks
  • Better sleeping even before race day
  • Stronger immune system

My build up to Comrades was not ideal – I don’t think anyone’s build up to a race is ever 100%.

The week leading up to Comrades I started feeling very sick, and the worse I felt the more I started stressing out. Not sure if I should even start the race, so sad thinking back to all the work and hours that went into this race.  I spoke to the Elixinol team to get advise on re dosage to get better pre race and to just confirm how many drops of Liposomes I can take to bring down the illness and if I can overdose 😉 haha. (you can’t overdose in case someone wanted to know)

I confirmed the dosage and believing in this product, I knew it would pull me through.

I woke up on race morning with a big relief as I knew I would be able to start the race at least, I was so excited and ready.

I gave myself 20km to assess the body and see if I would be able to push on the day or just finish, but at 50km I was ready to start moving.

I am thankful that I was able to under the conditions, still give my best – AGAIN no nausea, no lung problems just moving through the beautiful Comrades course – soaking up the vibe!! It was so special and amazing!!

I finished my first Comrades with a time of 7h15 and a ladies silver medal (Isavel roche-kelly medal)

I am so grateful for Elixinol and their amazing products that has been able to give me an opportunity to run and enjoy adventures again.


A BIG congratulations to Annelise for taking our advice and seeing it through to achieve such and incredible time on her first Comrades!  Things are only getting better.


Why us?

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Thus to ensure you the customer gets correct dosage and use of product we have launched this initiative that helps you. This way you can feel confident in getting the  dosage relevant to whatever condition.

We have already looked after a large number of customers via this system to great effect and thank you to those resllers that are making use of this sytem. Your customers are benfiting from it.

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