Beating COVID-19 with natural medicine
Meet Anthony…he is a 53-year-old male adult who suffers from Asthma and has had two bouts of pneumonia in his lifetime that has left his lungs fairly weak and damaged. Due to his underlying chronic conditions, when Anthony gets the flu it immediately affects his chest and he struggles to breathe, so the thought of getting COVID-19 truly terrified him. The COVID-19 lockdown was more than just a national government order, it felt like a looming health emergency. Anthony admits that he would panic every time he felt even slightly short of breath in the last year, worried that he would get COVID-19.
Fast forward to 2021, Anthony proved that he was not immune when he tested positive for COVID-19. On day 1 he had a fever, started sweating and was out of breath. Because he is so attuned to his body, he took action without needing to consult a Doctor and started a treatment regime which included vitamins, a nebulizer with Full Spectrum CBD, to prevent the disease from escalating. After a daily dose of 300mg Natural Elixinol mixed with saline and breathing this in for a half hour via a nebulizer and 8 pumps of Elixinol Liposomal and some Chinese tea containing mulberry leaf and chrysanthemum to warm up the chest area, by day 3 he was feeling better. His fever broke and his chest opened up! Now, he is getting stronger each day with his natural medicine fix.
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