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Gareth Knott

My name is Gareth Knott and I’ve been an avid sportsman my whole life.

Over the last 6 years I’ve been dedicated to road and trail running in the marathon and ultra marathon form.

I’ve completed 23 marathons and 15 ultras in both road and trail events combined. This takes a great deal of commitment, discipline, perseverance and heart to push through training targets around life. I am also a sports head at a school for Prep and High School learners and thrive to be an example to all young and old in my endeavours.

My 9yr old daughter is following in my footsteps and is very determined to one day beat all my PB times.

I’ve used Elixinol (liposome and balm) for 2 years and in my first year I only looked to use the liposome for better sleep, which it provided. I’ve always been a light sleeper and struggled to get good quality sleep, but I found the CBD liposome gave me a far deeper quality sleep which rejuvenated me for another long busy day at work and training.

This deeper sleep helped with recovery and so I was able to fit in more quality training sessions. The balm is an amazing elixinol product that relieves fatigued muscles from heavy training loads.

My physios at Dial a Physio only use the balm on me and we have only achieved the best results in helping the body rid its aches and pains.

Last year I experienced problems around cramping. To be honest, some of my training methods weren’t smart and I was red flagging my heart rate mid training which would have me cramp up bad in events wrecking my goal times on a number of occasions.

I’ve started adopting a low heart run approach to my long runs, and using Elixinol liposome in my hydration. The results have been amazing and very beneficial. Using 3 drops in my water over the first 15km of a slow long run has seen my heart rate steady 10 bpm lower than without at the same paces. I’ve explored a number of runs in comparison. This is a very positive finding in my training for better performance and I’m excited to see what this years goal events have in store as I continue to explore the stats.

My goal journey for 2023 includes:
Cango Marathon (qualifier)
Two Oceans Ultra Marathon

Watch this space!!

Gareth Knott

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