Mark Easter, known as The Hemp Runner, has been an Elixinol fan and customer for many years. In fact, he embraces every opportunity to promote the efficacy of the range to help others achieve complete wellness. Mark is an avid mountain runner who finds challenging outdoor races to be absolutely thrilling! In the past, CBD use in the sporting community was and is still a very taboo topic, primarily because it was previously illegal. Mark, however, did his research and discovered that CBD was a more natural route to transforming his health – so that’s the very journey he took. After trying a large variety of commercial supplement brands on the market, with a few proving to be effective, he found that they also contain chemicals, preservatives and are highly processed. Mark wanted – and needed an all-natural approach – and that’s when he discovered Elixinol.

Since making the switch to Elixinol, Mark has since enjoyed benefits like improved concentration and focus to help with long endurance events, as well as reduced inflammation to assist with faster recovery. The hemp balm has also been amazing in the prevention of chafing and blistering; and the hemp seeds and protein, which contain high Omega 6 and 3 fats, have boosted his overall health. As an athlete, Elixinol is providing Mark with antioxidants, minerals and amino acids – naturally.  He knows that most people expect instant miracles from supplements, but products like Elixinol are designed to aid and improve the effort that you put in. Once his body adapted to the intake of CBD, this hemp runner saw great results within the first few months.

Below is a list of events he has participated in and excelled, thanks to Elixinol CBD support
Challenge Date Distance ran (km) Elevation traversed (m) Time/Result
13 Peaks first attempt 10 November 2020 86 7 197 16h29m
13 Peaks completed 31 November 2020 104.32 7 623 35h06m
Bergskaap Challenge 31 October 2020 151.93 10 011 5 Activities in 6 Days
George 6 peaks double 28 November 2020 88.54 6 630 34h29m
Stratos Challenge 28 November 2020 164.7 15 032 3 Activities in 7 Days
HPF Vine to Valley 12 December 2020 12.7 139 2nd place 1h09m
Malbok Challenge 04 January 2021 200.08 2 477 51h44m
George 3 peaks 06 February 2021 23.14 1 959 6h05m

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