Elixinol TeamSA Results 2 Oceans Marathon




It is with immense pride that I can announce the resutls from our 3 ElixinolTeamSA runners in this years Two Oceans Marathon

Annalise Scholtz

3rd women in her catergory and a time of



My first Two Oceans Ultra Marathon exceeded all my expectations. 🏆

My day started with my Liposomes at 3:50am, in order to calm me down and keep me focused. It relaxes my breathing and I felt so ready to tackle the day where as in the past, I used to be a shambles of nerves and all over the place. 

In so many ways not just my running, Elixinol has changed my life. 

I now no longer sufffer from chronic Asthma (great side effect)

I actually would not leave home without it to come to Cape Town to do the race it has had such a impact on my life.

My run started conservatively and I decided to only put in effort from Chapmans Peak onwards.
Happy there was enough in the tank to get over Constantia and downhill to the finish line 🏁!! 

So thankful and happy with how it worked out and ready for the next adventure. 💪🏻


What an incredible race time! WOW!!!

Gareth Knott

Training prep for Comrades


The Two Oceans Ultra was used as a training run to test the Comrades pace for June as well as the changes made this year made to avoid the dreaded leg cramping of 2022’s. 

A disciplined pace strategy had neutral split run in both halves of the run indicating that all went according to plan. A target average pace of 6min/km and time of 5hrs 40min was achieved with an official finishing time of 5:39:23.

The Elixinol liposome product has been a big test against the leg cramps this year and is proving to be affective in these results and amazing turn around from last year.

The next test awaits in June at the Comrades marathon.

May this journey continue to be successful in the months to come.
Blessed and grateful
Gareth Knott


Anélri Vermeulen

Half Marathon


Elixinol – What a lifesaver!

I’ve applied it (the Balm) the night before the race, knowing that my calves and ITB’s are my hotspots.

My ITB’s are the worst… I will  usually feel it during the race… Calves only kick in by the end… I really ran with no pain 👌🏻

I pushed the pacelimit on raceday with no cramps but expected to be extremely sore and uncomfortable in the days following the race… GUESS what?!

That did not happen… I attended a ballet class and swam in the sea the day after the race with no issues except a little stiffness!

Thank you Elixinol


Great time congratualtions (Ballet the next day ? Crazy)

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