From Sports Injury to Triumph

I pulled my ankle ligaments quite badly at the end of March this year and was given awful news that I’d be sidelined with recovery for months. This put my George 6 peaks run and George 60km MUT race in serious jeopardy.


By increasing my daily intake of the Full Spectrum CBD Liposome and using more of the Hemp Balm I was running again on the road first in 3 weeks from injury and back in the mountains building back to full ankle strength again soon after. I ran a Personal best at George 6 Peaks in May and then being back to full ankle strength and confidence to run another personal best for the 50-60km ultra distance at George 60km MUT this last weekend. All of this pain free and able to push again well ahead of scheduled down time.


In comparison, this 60km had 1200m more vertical climb than the last race of the same distance and when I past the 50km mark on the MUT, I was almost 1h15faster on this event compared to the last.

Goes to show, Full Spectrum CBD for recovery and focus to manage high training loads and constant improvements really works. Add to that, in training over the last month and a half, I have improved my 5km PB twice and my 10km 3 times!
A very happy Full Spectrum CBD fuelled runner here.