Get your focus back during lockdown

Whether you’re working at home alone or with the whole family too, it’s hard to ignore distractions. On top of that, the stress of COVID-19 and lockdown puts immense pressure on our minds. You might catch yourself staring out the window or taking much longer to complete a task. So, let’s go over some ways to get your focus back

1.Make a work-only space. 

You can’t be doing your best working from the couch, right? Try some new areas. If you live in a small space, try to use the kitchen counter as a standing desk. Find a way that works best for you. You should have a space set up to counter distractions, allow you to focus, and keep you stimulated. Keep it clean, tidy, and limited to only the things you need to work. If you have kids, do the same for them for school – have a homework or class area set up so that they can focus and leave you to focus too.

2. Supplement with Serene Elixinol CBD Capsules.

Formulated with CBD, biotin, and pantothenic acid – Serene CBD Capsules are here to support your mental performance. By keeping you calm, it helps you manage your tasks and keep you focused with one capsule a day. This blend specifically encourages health and wellness from the inside out. The Serene ingredient biotin is a form of vitamin B, which contributes to normal psychological function while pantothenic acid promotes regular mental performance. Thanks to the way we’ve encapsulated these blends with CBD, you’ll be able to absorb the vitamins inside much faster than usual and get on with your day feeling focused and clear-headed. Plus, it’s also free from added sugar, colours, and flavours. 

3. Create a routine – not your old routine – a new one for this new circumstance.

You might have trouble focusing if you’re working in your pajamas all day. Or eating breakfast at 11am. Try to create a new routine tailored specifically around lockdown. These are unique times and they call for a new way of working and thinking. Start by using the time between 6-9am to go for a walk – get your mind awake. Eat a breakfast that feeds your brain all the right nutrients.
(A cup of coffee doesn’t count as breakfast, sorry!) Starting the day off right will help to keep you on track. Remember to take breaks too, give yourself 15 minutes to stretch, grab a snack, or talk to a loved one. At the end of the day, you are working to your own capabilities and you should be taking note of just how much you can accomplish right now to measure success going forward. If you know you can manage an hour of work at a time, then do that. If you can manage 4 hours and then have an hour long break, then that’s what works for you. Try to take the pressure of your old routine off your shoulders and think about it in a different way than before.  

If you have any questions about using CBD or natural alternatives to stimulate your thinking, feel free to pop us a message on social media or via email. We’re always more than happy to find the best solution for our clients.

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