Can I Stop loosing my hair with Full Spectrum CBD?


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Struggling to reverse hair loss? Among the many amazing and powerful health benefits of CBD, is its newfound ability to potentially promote hair growth.

As CBD helps to promote balance and overall wellness in the body, this is extended to hair and scalp health. By regulating hormone levels, reducing stress, and improving sebum production, CBD may lead to healthier and shinier hair. To learn more about how CBD works and how to use it for optimal hair growth and wellness, continue reading.

What is CBD?

Derived from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa, CBD is a natural compound with various potential health benefits. It is a non-addictive and safe substance that has been approved as an anti-seizure medication and can be used to treat an array of health conditions, including chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, neurological disorders, and sleep disorders. CBD is popular among those looking to support their overall wellness, improve mental health, and aid in post-workout recovery.

CBD supports the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body, which is responsible for maintaining balance and homeostasis. This system regulates many of our essential functions. The body produces endocannabinoids that bind to cannabinoid receptors in the ECS to maintain physical and emotional equilibrium. CBD then interacts with these receptors to increase the production of natural endocannabinoids, which activate and prolong the body’s natural healing mechanisms. These therapeutic benefits are produced naturally by the body, with minimal side effects, making CBD a promising option for promoting healing and wellness.

How Can CBD Help Support Hair Growth?

Targeting Stress

As with most things, getting to the root cause is a great way to find solutions and next steps. The same goes for promoting hair growth! For many people, stress is often a leading factor of hair loss. Because the endocannabinoid system is one of the main regulators of the stress response, and CBD supports the endocannabinoid system, by targeting stress with CBD you may slow down the process of hair loss.

The endocannabinoid system constrains the magnitude of the stress response, promotes return of the HPA axis to non-stressed levels, and facilitates habituation of the stress response to repeated or ongoing stress. Research shows that, “Between 35% and 65% of people using CBD for medicinal purposes in the UK, USA, Denmark, and New Zealand were found to be administering it for stress, and over 90% reported feeling less stressed with CBD, with no respondents reporting feeling more stressed.” With such promising results for CBD in terms of managing stress, it could be a great option for reducing hair loss and giving the body a better chance of encouraging new hair growth.

Blood Flow Stimulation

Another amazing benefit of CBD is its potential to stimulate blood flow. Thus, applying CBD products to the scalp for hair loss can be effective due to the potential of CBD to increase blood circulation, soothe and calm the skin, and encourage hair growth around the follicle. Additionally, CBD’s ability to reduce inflammation may create a nurturing environment for hair to grow, combating thinning hair. Overall, improved blood flow around hair follicles can bring more nutrients to the area, remove harmful toxins, and promote healthier and stronger hair, and CBD can help.

CBD for Alopecia

A study was done of 35 subjects with Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) using a once daily topical hemp oil formulation, averaging about 3-4 mg per day of CBD and minimal amounts of other cannabinoids for six months. A hair count of the greatest area of alopecia was carried out before treatment and again after six months. The results revealed that men did slightly better than women, and the vertex area did better than the temporal areas. On average there was a statistically significant 93.5% increase in hair after 6 months. All subjects had some regrowth. This is extremely promising research for the possibility of CBD as a solution for hair loss and as an effective supplement to stimulate hair growth.

Postpartum or Menopausal Hair Loss

Many women experience hair loss as a result of Postpartum or Menopause. Specifically, dermatologists refer to this condition as excessive hair shedding. The excessive shedding is caused by falling estrogen levels. Research has shown CBD to display diverse pharmacological activities relevant to postmenopause and Postpartum changing estrogen levels, indicating that CBD may be an effective option for estrogen-deficient individuals looking to encourage new hair growth after shedding.

Starting Your Cannabinoid Therapy Journey

While the reasons for hair loss may vary from individual to individual, early studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that CBD may be a promising natural remedy for hair loss and other hair-related issues. As researchers continue studies in order to fully understand the benefits of CBD for hair growth, and to determine the optimal dosage and application method, we expect even greater arguments supporting CBD as a solution for hair loss.

In the meantime, if you are wondering if cannabinoid is right for you on your wellness journey, or in need of dosage specific guidance, our care specialists are here to hlep go to our website and book a free consultaion.

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