Level Off Your Anxiety

Did you know that there are 4 levels of anxiety?
(We may all have experienced these in 2020 alone ) 😊

Anxiety levels are typically classified by the level of distress and impairment experienced, ranging from 1) mild anxiety, 2) moderate anxiety, 3) severe anxiety to 4) panic level anxiety.

Which level have you had to push through and how did you manage your way back to level zero? Is anxiety something you feel daily, weekly, monthly or hardly ever? Despite the frequency or level felt, anxiety is extremely common and highly manageable.

It is important to note that anxiety (unless more seriously diagnosed by a medical professional) is not a mood disorder but rather a mood disruptor. Elixinol FULL SPECTRUM CBD will help you take back control and reduce anxiety

Why it works
Our Serene Capsules promote balanced psychological functioning, and thanks to the adaptogenic properties of Full Spectrum CBD, helps control cortisol, the stress hormone. These calming capsules also promote the production and function of red blood cells, ensuring that your brain is appropriately nourished and supported for optimal functioning.
Why it works
Getting sleep is one thing, but quality, rejuvenating sleep is another matter entirely. A good night’s rest helps protect the nerves against the effects of anxiety and stress, and with a targeted adaptogen blend and full-spectrum CBD, our Dreams Capsules strongly modulate stress hormones, supporting your body’s ability to enter the various stages of relaxation far more easily.
Why it works
When it comes to mood regulation, the gut and the brain are inextricably linked. Our Digest Capsules are packed with probiotics, which contribute to serotonin production – one of the brain’s happy chemicals, and helps the stomach muscles relax during those tense, ‘torso-twisting’ moments.
Why it works
Feel your best with a powerful yet safe tincture that provides full body support. Our 300 Tincture contains an anandamide booster, adaptogens and promotes fast-acting sublingual delivery.
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