Meet CBD Hero, Linda.



Meet Linda…an inspiring 75-year-old cancer survivor who has made Elixinol a part of her every day routine to reduce pain and inflammation and recover from the all of the trauma and stress she has endured over the last 18 months. 
How it began
Linda suffers from osteoarthritis and has had two hip replacements. Shortly after the first one she suffered DVT’s (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and massive pulmonary embolisms. This meant she had to go on blood thinners.
In May 2019, Linda discovered a lump on her head. The removal was delayed for a few days as she had to come off the blood thinners before having any procedure. The lump was found to be malignant and scans and further tests, including a liver biopsy, showed that she was in Stage 4 liver cancer. She was told she would only have 4-6 months to live, but thanks to her incredible husband and family, Linda was able to tap into her inner hero and refused chemo treatment; opting instead for a more homeopathic approach. That’s when she started using CBD Liposomes Oil as well as another homeopathic treatment not supported by the Medical Aid but also suggested by her doctor.
She and her husband Keith spent a month visiting their children and grandchildren, and then they did what they loved best, went roof-top camping through Africa for a month. She underwent five– 6 weeks of radiation on her scalp and skull and also on one major tumour in her liver. “That’s when they tattoo little dots all over you and wrap you in cling film so that you can’t move when the radiation lasers are lined up to zap the tumour”, she laughed. Amazingly, she was still feeling quite well and had a wonderful Christmas in 2019 at home when the entire extended family booked out a huge house on the south coast beach. To know Linda is to know strength. Their time with nature was paused when she found out that there were three more tumours in her liver and she would need a liver resection. Her body could not accept any more radiation and 28% of her liver was removed. There is still a 32% non-viable tumour that they could not reach in her liver. Sadly, her husband Keith, who she has been married to for 56 years, died suddenly of heart failure shortly thereafter.
Her journey with Elixinol
Linda did her research and after consulting with her Doctor was led to try Elixinol Full Spectrum CBD. She takes 6 Liposome drops every morning and 6 drops every night for the past 18 months, as she needs high efficacy. The product worked within a few days, lessening her arthritis-related pain enormously and improving her way of life! The results have been surprising, so much so that at her latest check-up, a knee X ray revealed that the cartilage in her joints which was dwindling, had remained virtually the same in 18 months! She has refused MRI, PET and CT scans, as they will achieve nothing and her quality of life is still excellent. Linda shares the great news with anyone who asks what she is doing to stay so strong. She is very clear and doesn’t claim that Elixinol Full Spectrum CBD is a cure for cancer (and we echo this!) but can only advise that it has certainly helped her with her recovery and her health has improved since using the product daily.
What a ride! We are so inspired. Are you? Imagine experiencing such results? Elixinol is helping people with real health conditions and changing lives. You could be next. Find a product to suit your needs today.