The 13 Peaks Powered By Elixinol

CBD is part of a healthy, active lifestyle – it helps to maintain overall wellness for fit & healthy people. That’s why Elixinol is proud to announce we are sponsoring Mark Easter and Dave Funnell for this year’s 13 Peaks Challenge! The two athletes form part of our global professional network of award-winning athletes and sports teams, who fortify their regime with Elixinol Full Spectrum CBD. We look forward to supercharging their journey, and ensuring their bodies are working at their optimum! Be sure to follow their adventures and upcoming events by following them & Elixinol on social media. 

The Route



Full Spectrum CBD has a plethora of benefits to push your sporting performance to the next level:

  • Potent anti-inflammatory properties to fortify muscle endurance
  • Increases endurance/reduces recovery time 
  • Slows down the breakdown of Anandamide, the chemical responsible for your “runners high”, allowing you to stay in your zone for longer.
  • Manages race day anxiety jitters to keep you focused on your run ahead 
  • Helps maintain a healthy cortisol balance
  • Assist in muscle recovery and repair by optimising protein synthesis
  • Compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency regulations 
  • 100% legal for competitive use in South Africa

Be part of the challenge by clicking here and/or come and support the runners over the two days as a spectator. Or, if you’d like tailored CBD advice from our team of experts – feel free to reach out to us via email, phone or social media – we’re always available to discuss adding CBD to your lifestyle.