Why is gut health so important?

We all have that one friend who tells us “you are what you eat.” Well, turns out, it’s pretty true. Our gut plays a major role in our overall health, your friend was telling the truth,In fact, studies show around 90-95% of serotonin is produced in our gut – meaning the healthier and happier your gut is, the better your communication between your body and your brain will be. It’s all thanks to the serotonin-boosting microbes that live in our gut, sometimes fondly referred to as “good bacteria.” It’s also important to note that this bacteria helps our gut with digestion and makes sugar more available in our bodies by breaking it down using their own bacterial enzymes.

What is ‘good bacteria’ in the gut?

Our gut is home to more than we think – bacteria, archaea, eukaryotes, and viruses – which all form part of our intestinal microbiota. In this group, we have over a trillion bacteria making a home in our intestines. Some of these help to improve our overall health, coining the term “good bacteria.” What we’re now learning is how our diet can kill the good bacteria in our bodies and irritate our intestines with inflammation. (You are what you eat, right?) A study from 2010 compared children from Italy with high meat protein diets to children from Burkina Faso with high fiber and pea protein diets. Interestingly, it found that the kids from Burkina Faso had more ‘good’ gut bacteria and less gut inflammation. Every body, every gut is different: it’s up to you to find out which foods your gut likes and doesn’t like according to your unique make-up.

What supplements aid gut health?

If you’re low on bacteria, you need a live bacteria boost and the right vitamins. That’s why we’ve put together something special to aid the normal function of digestive enzymes in your gut. Formulated with live bacteria – lactobacillus, acidophilus, bifidobacterium and calcium – Elixinol Digest CBD Capsules are part of a new range featuring our innovative micro-encapsulation. They’re encapsulated with 5mg of full-spectrum CBD, increasing the bioavailability up to 3 times compared to an oily tincture. Meaning you’ll absorb the nutrients and vitamins faster. Digest CBD Capsules contribute to a healthy microbiome, helping to digest your food and improve your overall gut health.

If you have any questions or want to know more about Digest CBD Capsules, you’re more than welcome to pop us a message and the team at Elixinol will give you a carefully considered recommendation.

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