Why you should choose full spectrum CBD

Cannabis is an incredibly complex plant made up of over 400 compounds. If you’re well-read on cannabis, you might already know some familiar favorites like THC, CBD, flavanoids, and terpenes. Let’s get into why these compounds are important, the difference they make in supplements, and why full spectrum CBD should be your first choice. 

CBD is only one compound found in cannabis

In CBD Isolates (the popular kind you might find in your local health store, pharmacy, or grocery shop) only the CBD compound is used to produce the final product. What that means for you is that you’re losing the rest of the beneficial compounds found in cannabis, and getting much lower rate of absorption and benefit from the product. When you invest in CBD Isolates, you’re going to need to consume much more to have a greater impact. This can be costly and unrealistic for a monthly supplements budget, not to mention frustrating and ineffective for those looking to improve their health. 

Elixinol Full Spectrum CBD

All of those compounds really add up to give you more out of your CBD supplements. Because we use full spectrum CBD, our products are 30 times more effective compared to a CBD Isolate. Plus, thanks to our patented microencapsulation technology, our CBD Capsules absorb 3 times more compared to oily tinctures. That makes way for more nutrient intake and potential for good things to happen in your body – especially your gut! (That’s where CBD absorbs the fastest)If you’d like to know more about which Elixinol Full Spectrum CBD product can help you, we’re always available to answer your queries. Browse below or on our website to see our range and remember to follow us on social media to stay informed.